Make your donation to create a better world. Your money will be used to build a new society where people have happiness, abundance, wealth, health, freedom, equality, harmony and appreciation. Donations can only be made in cryptocurrencies, as they are the means of payment of free nations and independent of the decisions of the rulers of the old world.
We accept USDT, BTC, ETH, EEC

Please send USDT (Tether) to this wallet: 0xd9aa260afb36c0a01248ef96f74aab9c2f254cc2

Please send BTC (Bitcoin) to this wallet: 3EhZoqKrmMy5757fgU4QLt3aCxQgdy5GHR

Please send EEC (Eesty Coin) to this wallet: EOS75fx2EQhqQDGoq6nrUoYCsT9vZWuJu2odTm1usZab8N6ZDeGqy
You can install EEC Wallet here: , before installing, ask the private key: .

Please send ETH (Ethereum) to this wallet: 0xBdD7725736B4589B32db977262946183f0361277

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NOTE:If you made a payment for charity, please send the payment proof and your name

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